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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Foliage Follow Up August 2016

It's the day after Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day and time to Join Pam at Digging for Foliage Follow-Up, a day to celebrate the important role that foliage plays in our gardens.  No particular theme in my post this month (surprise!) just random foliage that is making me happy this month.

Schefflera minutistellata is putting on a second flush of growth this season and also wants to bloom at this time of year.  Crazy plant!  They were serious when they said this thing reaches twenty feet or more.  It's already outgrown a few pots in it's two growing seasons in my garden.  Maybe it's time to set it free in the open garden.

Rhododendron sinogrande has gorgeous huge foliage.  I've seen one in bloom, yawn.  

Canna 'Stuttgart' likes a bit of shade and bears a resemblance to

Musa Ae Ae, an unusual variegated banana that used to be reserved for Hawaiian royalty.  See more information about this plant and some pictures of the cool variegated bananas it creates here.

Third time's a charm with Fatsia polycarpa 'Needham's Lace' as it's not dead and actually seems happy in poor soil.  So much for trying to pamper this plant. 

Farfugium japonicum 'Giganteum' found at Portland Nursery on a recent quick visit with Loree. Someone didn't put it in the trunk but instead left on his back seat in the sun.  Poor thing got a little sun burn. Sorry about that Farfugie!

My new favorite Phormium, P. 'Jubilee'

Cotinus 'Grace' with a golden variegated bamboo.  
 the Danger Gardenette continues to grow in size and number of plants and pairs of sunglasses. 

Tradescantia or Setcreasea pallida, the regular one.

Setcreasea orTradescantia pallida 'Kartuz Giant' 

Begonia 'Autumn Ember' is one of the few that I haven't killed.  In fact, they've grown larger and more beautiful.

Variegated Hibiscus. It has a name but I've forgotten and am too lazy to go look. 

Another begonia that seems quite happy in the greenhouse. 

Bromeliad, a Neoregelia I'm guessing. 


Cryptanthus are so sweet and fit in just about anywhere.  Can you have too many of these little gems?

Cussonia spicata

Strange foliage growing in the tillandsia usneoides.

This stuff is to die for!  
What foliage is catching your eye this month?


  1. Oh those Begonias! I need to get me some of those to brighten the house this winter.

  2. Nice collection of beautiful foliage! I love those cream and green leave of both the canna and the banana. I just might have to add that fatsia too!

  3. My Begonias seem much happier left in the greenhouse, too, even over the summer. I put them out in the shade, but they still seem to burn up a bit. I think I may be giving them too much water to compensate as well. They're so tricky. Your foliage is all so very pretty.

  4. OMG, your begonia 'Autumn Ember' is stunning! I don't grow many house plants anymore but I'll be looking for that one. I thought you are kidding about the variegated bananas, but you weren't! I would have liked to see a picture of a peeled banana, although I don't suppose the stripes went any further then the peel :-D

  5. Oh no! Poor Farfugium japonicum 'Giganteum' (wait, have you got that in the ground already?)

    1. Oh silly Loree, my garden is a lot like a trailer park in that most plants are not permanently installed (still in pots) and could be dragged away fairly quickly.

  6. That Begonia 'Autumn Ember' is stunning! Yes, I think that schefflera might deserve to be shoe-horned into the garden somewhere. I love the pale leaf reverses.

  7. Oh no, now I'm developing severe foliage envy. First that Phormium, then the Canna, then the Hibiscus...

  8. You have so much fun with your foliage, Peter.

  9. We can always rely on you to show us some stunning foliage Peter, the Canna is fabulous!

  10. You really have gorgeous foliage!! the Danger Gardenette is looking great!! and the greenhouse is such a charming place!!

  11. Cryptanthus immediately begin slow decline under my care and eventually look like stranded star fish. I wonder what they want. Fatsia 'Needham's Lace' is really hard to find, so take good care of yours! Same here with begonias, most die, a few mysteriously survive. And lastly amazing job with Kartuz Giant! It had a very short lifespan in my garden. But looking at both, I think I like the rhythm of leaves better with the original.

  12. I NEED Needham's Lace...and then along comes Cussonia spicata.

  13. Your plants look happy and healthy--beautiful all. The shape of the Fatsia foliage is very cool.

    Now I have to get all my Agaves a pair of sun glasses...


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