Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sorticulture Part Three

You may remember previous posts about Everett, Washington's celebration of garden art.  Today I'll share more of the show.

Even sasquatch had a great time!

Funky multi-tiered planters by SK Designs.

More colorful pieces by Andrew Holmberg Glass.

Tillandsias from Owens Gardens .  

Good advice!

I forgot who did these flowers and angels but they're also available on etsy. 

Aren't these little metal birds adorable?  Made by Johnny Ma in nearby Sumner.

Pot painting, face painting and other activities  to keep the kids engaged.

There were, of course, some other distractions. 

The Rustic Garden from Madras, Oregon created this screen.  

Sherry's Garden Art painted leaf castings. 

Sedum Chicks continue to find creative planters for succulents!

Bob Bowling Rustics always create quite a stir.  

Wind chimes a go-go by All Decked Out Glass Art.

There were some display gardens  erected for the festival.  Here is one called Artistic Garden Retreat by Planscapes and Complete Landscape.

Up cycled glass from Bella Sensations

Cool "glass quilting" done by adhering glass pieces, including the cool leaf bowls to clear glass.  I love this and will add it to my list of projects!
Here's one in progress.

Display garden, "Cottage Courtyard," by Northwestern Landscape and Design being enjoyed.

Mad Mosaics made a splash with this piece. 

This one reminded me of the skulls by this same artist that Alison and I bought when we attended the Tacoma Home and Garden Show together a couple of years ago.  The bee reminds me of another Alison (the niece) who will be visiting me in August.  (Hooray!) It had to come home with me.

As did this interesting heart. 

This was also really sweet but I don't know where it would fit in my garden so, sadly, it stayed. 

 I think this may be the same Pan's Garden that appears at the Olympia Farmer's Market.


Ian Beyer has outdone himself with this majestic owl! For more look here

I was excited to discover a new to me place!  Jordan Nursery specializes in pelargoniums (geraniums) and fuchsias.  I'm looking forward to visiting them someday!

Lots of fun signs at Dymond Graphics from West Lynn, Oregon, home of garden blogger pal, Jenni at The Rainy Day Gardener.

Unfortunately, I forgot who made this metal fern which now lives in a space in my garden particularly inhospitable to living plants. 
The same folks made colorful metal birdhouses.  This trio reminded me a bit of a similar canister set that my eldest sister had for years.

The work of Marta Farris always makes me smile although I don't own any of it. 

Groovy flowers and trellises by Roxann Van Wyk.  

This one was very tempting but wouldn't fit in my car so it had to stay.

Birdhouses by Kennedy Creek Pottery  

I totally fell in love with these trees by Ginger Kelly!  One more project added to the someday I'll make one list.

Live entertainment ran the gamut from music to a talk by local garden guru Ciscoe Morris

Here's Ciscoe, post presentation, chatting with folks and giving away plants at the Northwest Perennial Alliance booth.

More beds planted with this year's signature combination in the park.  

 Freeborn Metal Art crabs.  These are the kind that one doesn't want to be rid of. 

One of my many favorites is Marriah House Pottery.  

Wouldn't it be a kick to have this little guy "growing" out of Phormium or Leucadendron 'Jester' ?

This pot of growing pods hitched a ride home with me. 

For those of you who may be seeking this plant, Lael's Moon Garden has it along with a lot of really cool and unusual plants!  Check them out here.  I'll be visiting the nursery in person for the first time soon!
In addition to the things mentioned above, also hitching a ride home with me were a couple of sweet fuchsias and some other plants that I've forgotten as they're already in the ground (Planted, not dead can you believe it?) and a galvanized metal agave. (stupid to add another large object to the Danger Gardenette when the plants have grown so much that there isn't room for all of them. Oh well, the greenhouse looks good not being empty during the summer, right?)

This was my first year to attend Sorticulture and it will now become an annual thing for me.  While there were a lot of people there, it never seemed crowded and the outdoor space was divine.


  1. So much great stuff, and the outdoor gardens look like fun too!

  2. How can I comment on 57 different things? Such variety, surely there's something for every taste! I especially liked the metal birds, the big owl, and the crabs. Your growing pods are quite nice too!

  3. So many quirky items! That leaf gate, want!!

  4. What a creative, fun community you live in! Love the stained glass quilting!

  5. I can see why you loved this event. There was a lot I loved too but the gourmet ice cream booth put it over the top for me.

  6. So fun to revisit this special show. We were first timers too.

  7. I'm always amazed at people's creativity. I wonder if all your readers from around the world are familiar with the sasquatch; it would be cool to have one startling visitors in the garden... I really liked the "glass quilting" window; very Christmasy. When you start working on that project, please share.

  8. What a post! It took me forever to work through it with all those goodies to look at.
    Love the pods, want thin mints and ice cream, and wish I could go to that geranium nursery!

  9. An exquisite gathering of artist's works. I'm always humbled when we go to these shows, I have so many ideas but rarely do many of them come to fruition. Then I see people with dozens of things on display. I love the metal fern, too.


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