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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Visiting Earthwise Architectural Salvage

Earthwise has two locations, one in Seattle and, fortunately,  one in Tacoma.  See their website here.  Having heard good things and seen photos of current offerings periodically posted on Craigslist, I decided to visit. Things move fairly quickly here  so the inventory is ever changing.

Graffiti art on the exterior of one of the buildings.

One shutters to think what might happen without this friendly directional sign. Groan.

Panning for gold relief is rather interesting on this rusty wood stove.  It might have come to live in the greenhouse had the price not been a bit  high.   I'll check back often as one imagines that this place will have great rusty metal pieces on a regular basis.
 Not a lot in the outside area right now but that concrete pipe that might need to come home with me.

A sweet little greenhouse sort of thing.  The top is open but there would still be some protection from frost.

I love old enameled stoves!  Do you?

The silver-painted radiators look  like the ones that heated a large church, built in the Victorian era at which I served for nine years.  The church, just up the street from my house, was demolished a few years ago to make room for an expansion of Tacoma General Hospital.   For several months, during the demolition, we'd walk over and see what had been done.  It was a bit like holding the hand of a dying friend.  Alas, another grand old building that lives only in memory, soon to fade, and photographs. Everything is temporary.

Whoa, you need shades in here!

Lots of fun stuff!

More chairs from the school auditorium. 

This strange, but once very popular black and shiny copper finish on metal was once popular.  The original light fixtures in our house (we've found pieces in the basement and one is still in use) had this finish.

A nice selection of salvaged materials. 

Wings made of rolled newspaper.  

Doors and windows galore!

Because everybody needs one!

These street lamp shades might be interesting with mini lights in them lining a walkway. They're also pretty interesting bathing in multi-colored tubs. 

Wrought iron (actually mild steel) railings.  Hope you take no o fence.  

These large arched windows came from a structure on Queen Ann hill in Seattle.  They're huge!

I've a sinking feeling that we're near the end of the post. 

That's the end, there is no more!
I'm looking forward to visiting Earthwise often to search for treasure!


  1. Shirley/Rock-Oak-DeerFebruary 11, 2016 at 6:37 AM

    Lots of fun stuff! They look quite organized compared to my favorite places. I like all the cool garden stuff and the sinks are great.

  2. Looks like a great place. Big enough to spend a couple of hours poking around? Hopefully you'll find a deal once in a while. (Nice commentary on the "tour" BTW!)

  3. What a marvelous place! I've been to a salvage place up in Seattle, I don't know if it was this one. Now I'll have to visit the Tacoma store!

  4. Hey, there's my stove! But what does it say about the age of my house when I'm still using a pink bathtub? And that laundry tub? Sunk.

  5. So here is my question for you. Do you crack yourself up as you're writing these posts? Are you in a room giggling to yourself quietly...or is Tom within hearing distance?

  6. A fun salvage yard. I think I spied a wheel with wooden-spokes I would love to have. Very cool. And that magnificent graffiti: who will salvage that piece of art?

  7. What do they call that guy who sets up the other guy for joke after joke? You know: like Dean Martin for Jerry Lewis. Well, you don't need that guy.

  8. There was an enameled kerosene warming stove here. We gave it to the 'Jimmy Carter Boyhood Home' when he advertised for such in the Georgia Famers and Consumers Market Bulletin. It had not seen the light of day in 50 years when it left here. The Park Service sent us a nice letter of thanks.

  9. Treasures! Pots! Benches! Unknown objects! Thank you Peter!

  10. I was not aware of Earthwise. I'll have to check it out.

  11. That was another fun trip! I think you should lead tours of the great places to visit in the PNW.

  12. look at all those streetlights! (http://p-fst1.pixstatic.com/51b90238fb04d62daf000297._w.1500_s.fit_.jpg)

  13. I could spend hours in a place like this. Use your imagination and you can always find a little something. There was a wonderful one in Portsmouth, N. H. that I used to love visiting.

  14. This looks like a dangerous place for me, not for my safety, but for my checkbook. Speaking of dangerous, those newspaper wings remind of something a redneck Icarus might try out.


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