Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Palm Readings - Special Tasteless Edition


Martha Stewart and legions of the tasteful are cringing!


Restoration aficionados are averting their eyes in disgust!


Just when you thought it was safe to step outside again...

Yesterday, it was too rainy to work in the garden so I decided to organize a closet and start working on the garage which hasn't had a car in it for years because it's too full of garden stuff.  I kept coming across things that gave me ideas;  Idle minds/ hands are the devils playground and all.  We have this back porch which had its original siding  (behind the lattice on the back wall) removed in the 80's for a bathroom remuddling. The back wall of this area is covered in black tyvek covered in dust.  When you have an eyesore like that, you can either restore it correctly (next summer) or camp it up.  You may remember the chair  from yesterdays post.  A little hot glue a little stitch witchery (a tape that fuses fabric with the heat of an iron - I'm sewing impaired) some cup hooks,  and I'm ready to read palms or tell fortuneis.  Louis, I see a large number of Trachycarpus in your future!


Of course it'll all come down for the Pacific Northwest Rain Festival (October 1 - July 4) but it makes me laugh for now. 

Hope you had fun looking and being grateful that you would never do anything so tacky.


  1. haha. I haven't had a good laugh like that in a while. Thank you for your most wise telling of my future. I too see lots of trachycarpus! Actually I see one of my trees being a female, me getting in my car to a male trachy wagnerianus and crossing the two palms!!!! is that anything like what you saw?! And then I see potting them up, and raising them for guerilla gardening, giving away to visitors of the palm garden, and selling at the local farmers market ... with the sole intention of making the burbs all the more palmy. I then see weather forecasts of warm sunshine and a year without winter (okay maybe a stretch!) please do tell me you see the same things!?

    1. Oh sure, that's um, exactly what I saw, you know, what you said. Yeah, that't it. See, I'm a very gifted seer. My supernatural insights amaze even me:-) And what you do with your palms in the privacy of your own car is your own business. Who am I to judge? (Gee, I hope you have tinted windows!)


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