Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hey, Dig this!

What's not to love about Vashon?  A 15 minute ferry ride from Point Defiance (very close to Jungle Fever) transports you to this island community of bucolic views, groovy art galleries, shops selling local creations from books to jewelry, farm stands operating on the honor system (great local, organically grown produce) and numerous antique places.  You may want to spend a weekend...or two.  For me, no visit to Vashon Island is complete without a visit to three nurseries, Colvos Creek & The Country Store (the two are on the same grounds), Kathy's Corner, and Dig.  Each one is well worth a visit and each deserves and will get in the future its own blog entry.

Today, we'll stop at Dig floral and Nursery.  It must have been about 14 years ago that Stephanie Feeney's book The Northwest Gardeners' Resource Directory  inspired me to make my first visit to Dig.  With delight, I have visited several times each year since. 

As you turn off Vashon Highway and enter the nursery, there is a border all along the drive to the parking area.  This shot was taken from inside the fence (the other side of the entry border.) Cardoon, echium, lobelia tupa , and hollyhocks are but a few of the treasures in this section.

As you leave your car and approach the nursery you are greeted by this.

Walking in, you may spy these.
It's hard to miss these. 
Or your eye may be caught by the huge gabion pillars that surround you.

Perhaps you'll want to say hello to Sophie, the friendly dog who rules the place

From this far - out castle.

Sylvia and Ross, who the dog allows to do the work of running the nursery, always amaze me with their boundless creative energy, horticultural acumen, appealing, unique displays, ideas to borrow, and wide selection of cool plants. ('cause it's all about the plants, right.)

Water plants anyone?

Did you say you were fond of succulents?

 Or Yuccas?

Running a nursery as wonderful as this takes big...

ingenuity.  (What were you thinking?) 

Speaking of spheres, look at this faboo Idea that Sylvia came up with.
Random shots

After all this shopping, perhaps you'd like to sit a spell.

Love this one!  Dig those crazy holey stone cube seats!

This is to die for which is probably why there's a murder of crows on it!

Like these guys, you could just sit on the ground.  Is that cute or what?

Sylvia is a master of container combinations!

But wait, did you know there is also a garden to explore?

One last bit of coolness before we...

Head inside to pay for our plants.

I love the vibe of Dig and always leave with my own creative energy renewed and with the balance of wallet to empty car space altered.  In reviewing these pictures, I feel I've only touched the tip of the iceberg of wonder that is Dig!  One word:  GO!

Here's what followed me home from Dig: back row left to right: Euphorbia stygiana, Impatiens 'Congo Cockatoo', Coronilla v. ssp. glauca 'Variegata, Acacia pravissima.  Front row: Circium occidentale, Agave bracteosa, and a 4 pack of Aeonium 'Kiwi'


  1. Why haven't I been there yet? Really? I know...you've told me to go. I need to go. Soon. I see another "Seattle" trip in my future.

    Love your purchases. My Euphorbia stygiana has at least doubled in size since I planted it in May. Where will you plant yours?

    1. It's an amazing place!

      Euphorbia stygiana is in the longer parking strip in that scorched earth looking area you so kindly didn't photograph. I'm slowly cutting back/digging up the lilac thicket that took over & planting more interesting things. A good gardener, like you, would dig the whole thing out, level the soil, add amendments and plant. I, on the other hand, am just plodding away - dig a little, plant a little...hey souuld I keep a little part of the lilac? Dunno...

  2. Oh, I so need to go back and check out their succulents to add to my gravel garden. Last year when I went the gravel garden wasn't even a gleam in my eye. Thanks for this great look at what they're selling now!

    1. They have great succulents! You should go! (Any excuse for a nursery visit...) Do you have favoirte nurseries in our area?

    2. Peter, I do have some good nurseries nearby. Windmill Gardens in Sumner is fun, and has a demo garden. Then there's a few in Puyallup that are nice -- Watson's, Vassey, and Todd's.

    3. These are good! I'm especially fond of Vassey. I hit Windmill and Watson's regularly, too. Only get to Todd's every once in a while - Always enjoy it but for some reason, it's kind of off my radar. Sometimes find great and surprisingly unusual plants at McClendon Hardware in Sumner.Prices are low and they do great sales.

  3. Vashon is lucky to have such a nursery as DIG. And besides I have a crush on their pooch Sophie.

  4. Oh my stinkin goodness gracious! I would go ape at a place like that! those tree ferns, those succulents, those planters!!!!!!!! EPIC!

    1. Well, come on down and do some shopping! Is it difficult to take plants back to Canada from the U.S? I know that coming the other way requires some sort of license.


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