Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day June 2018

On the fifteenth day of the month, Carol at May Dreams Gardens hosts Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, a way to both share what's blooming in our gardens each month and to keep a journal from year to year.  Having participated in GBBD for six years now, I can now look back at previous year's posts when I think something is blooming earlier or later than usual.  Thanks, Carol for coming up with this great idea!  To see more Bloom Day posts from around the world, visit Carol's blog.

Here's some of what's blooming in my garden this month.

Tropaeolum speciosum

The first brugmansia bloom this season belongs to B. 'Snowbank.' 

Of course there are begonias.  I won't bore you with all of them. 

Pelargonium (Geranium)


Martagon  lilies

Cardiocrinum giganteum.  Who knew it would grow up into the leaves of the tree?

Meconopsis 'Lingholm'

A messy tangle of fuchsia, Rose 'Zephirine Drouhin', clematis and a couple of jasmines.  Some of this has got to go!

There are other roses blooming here and there. 


Magnolia macrophylla

Centranthus ruber.  Thirty years ago, his came from a crack in a paved parking area outside a big Victorian duplex in Seattle, the home of a friend.  The building and parking area are long gone, having been  replaced with s high-rise apartment building. 

Argyrocytisus battandieri (Pineapple Broom)

Volunteer perennial sweet peas. 

Carpenteria californica

Winter pansies were flopping out of their pots so they got stuck in the ground and they seem perfectly happy there. 

Cotinus coggygria 'Young Lady'   

Senecio leucostachys

Salvia 'Amistad' and some annual red dianthus, a teacher appreciation gift last year.  Seems they decided to stick around. 


More hardy fuchsias.

Dogwood.  Taken from an upstairs window as one usually misses seeing this in the garden. 

Abutilon 'Red Tiger' will represent all of the Abutilons this month. 

Alstroemeria (let's call it Pink Mystery.)

Allium with fallen Kolkwitzia blooms.  Everything in this area gets covered with them. 

Dracunculus vulgaris not yet opened but will be gone by next GBBD.
Happy GBBD all and have a spectacular weekend!


  1. I was stopped in my scrolling with that pink picot-edged Begonia and then I find Cardocrinium and Meconopsis. Such a wealth of gorgeous blooms. Love the photo from the upstairs window.

  2. I enamored with the story that accompanied Centranthus ruber. Plants are that much more special when they have a tale.

  3. Wonderful flowers! Gorgeous blooms!
    I love Clematis and yours is a real beauty!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  4. Lovely blooms Peter! I wish I were standing near that Argyrocytisus battandieri so I could smell its lovely scent.

  5. Sigh....The shot of the pineapple broom covered in flowers is wonderful. So many fabulous flowers! Happy GBBD!

  6. What a collection of begonias ...they cant be grown in our region....that duetzia plant is spectacular .
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Is it just my weird memory or do you have at least half a dozen vibrant bloomday photos at least 11 months out of 12?

    Questions about Abutilon: they sell these as annuals/houseplants here. How much do they grow in one season and do they bloom all summer? Does anybody know if deer eat them?

  8. Does everything in your garden grow to tremendous heights? I remember your humongous Camellia from a prior GBBD post and now you show an equally large pineapple broom and that fabulous dogwood! I remain envious of your begonias too - even the new shade structure hasn't made mine as happy as yours.

  9. Oh, I need to go check our Voodoo lily! I need to see it before I smell it.
    So many wonderful blooming plants, Peter!

  10. Your garden is an explosion of beauty this month, Peter! Thanks for sharing it.

  11. There you go, flashing your amazing Tropaeolum speciosum at me again and making me green with envy. Is this the first year of flowering for your Cardiocrinum? They are amazing aren't they? If only they would keep it up and not keep you waiting for years. And those blue poppies, oh it's not fair.

  12. Your meconopsis are much better than mine, I didn't photograph mine this year, they are too embarrasing! I do like to see the plants in your garden, you have some very unusual ones.

  13. Your Centranthus ruber story is wonderful! I love the idea of gaining a plant through happenstance and still enjoying it so many years later.

  14. By looking back at earlier GBBDs and comparing them, you will be able to see the effects of climate change. I used to do GBBD but my garden doesn't have that many blooms so I wimped out. You have a lovely selection and those pale orange roses are my (current) favourite colour.

  15. What amazing blooms! Love the brugmansia and the pink deutzia. And the pineapple broom! Meconopsis 'Lingholm' is on my list to try growing at some point. So pretty!

  16. I'm jealous of your burgmansia. All of ours died back to the ground and won't be blooming for a while. We have about 12 rooted cuttings potted in little nursery pots that I want to try and convince the True Plant Geek to pot up into containers (that we would need to buy) and have them all over the place. I don't think I'll win. I really enjoy brumansia.

  17. The word "amazing" seems to be over used lately but he blooms in your garden are just that...amazing.


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