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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Kent East Hill Nursery: Off to a Great Start!

In these days of big box stores selling plants about which most of the employees know nothing and  worrying that independent nurseries might be a thing of the past, a ray of hope in the form of a new nursery is very welcome.  My friend, Camille, told me about Kent East Hill Nursery which now offers a discount to Northwest Perennial Alliance members.  (To find out more about the NPA click here.)  A weekend or two ago, Alison and I decided to visit on our way home from the Bellevue Botanical Garden.

Located on four acres, KEHN has space to carry a wide variety of plants.  A nice selection of fruit trees awaiting homes.

Lots of shrubby goodness.  Both Alison and I fell for a red-flowered Pieris japonica.  I was impressed with their Kalmia selection and had to drag one of those home as well.

Since rhododendrons are only in bloom for a short time, it's good to find one with foliage that also contributes to one's garden.

Once difficult to find, R. 'Everred' is now more widely available.  It's best planted where the red undersides of the leaves can be enjoyed.

In the mood for the tropics but don't want to travel?  How about a topiary pineapple?

Don't want to drive to the beach?  

An desert escape?

This will be a lot more impressive once the trees leaf out but it's easier to inspect branch structure without that pesky foliage getting in the way.

Yucca desmetiana 'Blue Boy' always looks so good in nurseries.

A forest of bamboo and palms.  Hooray!

Maples anyone?  

Stepping inside, Alison pointed out the begonia tubers and other summer bulbs.  Houseplants creatively displayed.

Rural antique (Shabby Chic?) decor is comforting and something that I admire but when I try, it always ends up looking not so good.  Here, they make it work well.

Yard art by Marva Ree

To learn more, check out their website.

This gazebo-esque  table is quite sweet. 
There was lots more to see so do stop by the nursery if you're ever in the Kent area.  I look forward to watching this new business thrive!


  1. Great looking place and you are right that it is encouraging to find a new independent nursery. I planted two Pieris last year and am hoping they made it through our miserable winter.

  2. Yay! New nursery! So do they have any smaller perennials? Or is it strictly shrubs and trees?

    1. They did have perennials in the hoop houses and on racks outside the store.

  3. They had some great stuff! Like you, I admire the rustic/rusty/shabby chic look in other people's gardens, but I'm not so good at doing it myself. I was really happy to find that red Pieris there!

  4. There's no end of nursery bounty in your area, is there?

  5. Your Rural antique attempts fail because you always add a mannequin limb or two. xD
    It's so difficult to tree shop before any foliage emerges, unless you've done homework and know exactly what you want.

  6. Plenty of plants to choose from as well as yard goodies. I hope they make a go of it too.

  7. It's good to hear a nursery is opening, with so many closing lately.

  8. Oh, that is encouraging to have a new garden center--and so unusual! Enjoy! I can see several plants and garden items I'd want to buy...

  9. Thank you for glimpses into yet another wonderful nursery in your area.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  10. It seems Peter that this new nursery is managed well, so many trees and flowers. I've never known that rhododendrons may have two-colored leaves. Interesting!

  11. I know what you mean about the big box stores selection of plants and the less than stellar care they are given by a very amateurish staff. So nice to see a new independent nursery, something that is disappearing around here far too often. Always a treat to tag along with you (and Alison!) as you explore the greenhouses.

  12. Very encouraging! I wish them well. I don't know that I've seen any new nurseries or independent garden centers open up around here.

  13. I recently bought 'Everred' Rhodie which is quite a feat for a non-Rhodie gal. But who can resist those dark leaves I ask? :) Nice nursery.

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