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Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Garden of Lavonne Stewart Campbell and Mick Campbell

You may remember an autumn visit to this garden.  You may also recall that dear Lavonne passed away earlier this spring.  In her honor, her partner in gardening and in life, Mick, continued with a scheduled open garden in Lavonne's honor.

This mature garden is beautiful and serene in all seasons and spring is certainly no exception.

The large garden unfolds little by little, never being fully visible.

There are many areas to sit and enjoy the gurgling water  which, like the garden itself, reveals itself slowly in small segments.

While we no longer see Lavonne in person,

her garden legacy lives on in the capable hands of her husband.  May it help in healing his loss and bring him a measure of solace.
What a treat to once again walk the paths of this special space and to feel Lavonne's presence in the Eden she created.


  1. What a tranquil and beautiful creation. You are right; one hopes the garden will help in healing.

  2. Beautiful garden, a tranquil place. Lavonne's legacy will live on via Micks continuous work.

  3. What a touching tribute to an obviously amazing gardener. Thank you for the tour, it's heartening to know he'll continue to nurture the garden.

  4. This is a garden not just to admire but to live in. It's a beautiful legacy.

  5. So many beautiful elements in this garden starting with the red gate! I would love to walk through it irl : )

  6. I did not know about Lavonne or the sadness that this garden must hold. I enjoyed seeing your photos, so similar to the ones I took in this beautiful garden.

  7. Oh, that is lovely. The stairs and pathways are luscious. She certainly poured much love into her stunning garden.

  8. Thank you Peter! It's a very special garden.

  9. I remembered this garden from you previous post, mostly for it's wonderful paths, which I just love. I see Lavonne in my mind's eyes, in every meandering path.

  10. Marvelous. I love the stone paths and the incredible views.

  11. Hi,

    I absolutely love your style.
    If you ask what is the main
    color of my May garden,
    I'd say purple and blue,
    Really this post is
    useful for us.

    Thanking you,

  12. That is a beautiful tribute.

    I love all the stone stairways, substantial and firmly rooted in the earth, surrounded by plants.


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