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Monday, May 15, 2017

May 2107 Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day/ In A Vase On Monday

I ran out between showers to snap pictures for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, the meme hosted on the fifteenth of each month by Carol at May Dreams Gardens to celebrate blooms in gardens all over the world.  By the time that was done and I'd decided what to pick for today's vase, rain started pouring down.  In A Vase On Monday is hosted each week by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.  The idea is to bring something inside from our gardens or scavenged nearby to brighten our spirits during the week.  Click on the links above to join in the fun.

All this rain

is making us all a little crabby.

I'm spending more time outside than in these days and since the weather wasn't cooperating (the sun is shining again, mocking me as I type this.) I decided to scavenge some glass daffodils that came from Glass Eye Studio's recent sidewalk sale (post to come later.)

The cool Italian-looking vase was made by a local artist and the plan was originally to put lilacs, orange pansies and something white in it to echo the vase colors.  Oh well maybe another Monday.

So, what's blooming outside? Too much to show so here are some highlights:

Embothrium coccineum 

Paulownia tomentosa

Meconopsis cambrica and Myosotis scorpioides

First begonia blooms are a bit of a cheat as they came already blooming.

Rosa sericea var. pteracantha

Paeonia delavayi needs to be in someone else's garden.  If you're in the area and want it, let me know and I'll dig it for you.

Paeonia delavayi ludlowii  


Ribes speciosum

Matthiola arborescens, the perennial tall fragrant stock. 

Euphorbia wulfenii after which I lusted for years has now become a bit of a weed. 

Berberis darwinii

Some geranium or other. 

Buddleja globosa

Euphorbia that's been close to winter death in my parking strip for five years.  I remember the tag saying that it was not totally hardy here but might make it in a sheltered area. The fragrance of the blooms is distinctly that of honey which makes me think that it might actually be Euphorbia mellifera.  Perhaps the bamboo and tetrapanax leaves hanging over and thirsty roots beneath have kept it dry and sheltered enough to be happy.

Lilacs and Kerria japonica

Honeysuckle is taking over but it's pretty.  

 Polygonatum multiflorum

Almost in bloom is Magnolia laevifolia.

Inherited camellia.

Rhododendron rescued from the neighbor's yard waste bin.  don't know the variety.

Rhododendron 'Nancy Evans'

Rhododendron 'Kabarett'

Rhododendron 'Candy Corn'

Another inherited camellia.

Crinodendron hookerianum

I planted this rhododendron years ago and lost the tag but I love the orange/pink bi-color flowers.

Gentian is much darker than the picture suggests. 

Deciduous azalea.  I keep threatening to remove this but maybe cutting it back would be a better idea. The fragrance is wonderful.

The paw-paws are blooming, both male and female at the same time.  Come on polinators, I'd love to see some fruit for the first time this year.

Grevillea 'Ivanhoe'

A bit of a cheat as the hardy fuchsias in the ground won't be blooming for another month.  This one came this way but there are a couple of others that I wintered over in the greenhouse that are also blooming.

Our thuggish native bleeding heart is battling it out with the damned Spanish Bluebells for world domination.  I rip out/dig up buckets full every year.

Alliums are just starting. 


  1. looks like Euphorbia mellifera (also in my blog this week) and yes it is not entirely hardy. But I think global warming is changing that and planting in a sheltered spot helps.

  2. As always you have raised a smile with your props and humorous post - thanks Peter!

  3. Beautiful flowers!
    I don't think buying a blooming plant is cheating. I just say 'this pretty thing just jumped into my shopping cart, so I had to bring it home with me!'
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  4. And all these are just the highlights? I'm quite amazed (again) at the huge number of different plants in your garden. Berberis darwinii is on my wish list; R. candy corn is stunning.

  5. Just ripped out some of that bleeding heart myself. Despite your rainy weather the garden is looking gorgeous. You have the most amazing array of plants. I wonder if I could manage to drive out to pick up the Peony delavayi? Always wanted one of those, to say nothing of that monster Euphorbia. I always see it in UK gardens but it won't survive here. Such a dramatic statement in color and form.

  6. If Linda doesn't actually drive out here from Wisconsin and you don't find another taker, I'll give the peony a home. Happy GBBD! I just ripped out a bunch of western bleeding heart seedlings, along with a crap-ton of stinky Robert. Hope you get some paw-paws this year.

  7. Oh your (maybe) Euphorbia mellifera has me green with envy! It's gorgeous. I'm trying again this year with E. stygiana.

    So many beautiful flowers...and I love your rainy vignette!

  8. I'm envious of your Paulownia; it's not reliably hardy here and your specimen is stunning.

  9. So many beautiful blooms to admire there!

  10. Your glass daffodils with they crabby accents are a wonderful dry solution to IaVoM, Peter. You may be sick of the rain but your garden clearly enjoys it. So many beautiful flowers! Of course, I adore the peonies and rhododendrons I can't grow. Happy GBBD and I may sunny days find you this week.

  11. Lol. I'm not surprised you are crabby with all the rain. Your garden is blooming with it though, you have lots to see if it does stop. We are getting the rain now too. Non stop today.

  12. Lovely to see so many blooming plants! I am growing Euphorbia wulfeni for the first year and I am wondering if it will become a bit of a weed in my garden too. Rhododendron 'Kabarett' looks so beautiful.
    Best wishes, Lisa

  13. It's eruption time in our gardens here, just in time for May 18th, Eruption Day.
    And yeah, I'm a little crabby about the weather too.

  14. Uh oh, I just got a Euphorbia wulfenii at the Plant Swap. I will keep an eye on it. Your rhododendrons are amazing. I have only planted two and cannot decide which ones I want.

  15. Nice selection Peter .. and I'm quite taken by Buddleja globosa.Must investigate !

  16. The rain may be making you crabby, but your garden is sure loving it! So many lovelies!

  17. So many cool plants, Peter. I'm trying to wrap my brain around a dainty thing like that lovely dicentra being a thug -- other gardens' problems always seem sexier than one's own, right?

  18. You pick the pretties colors of rhodies! Hand me a glass umbrella...inside a fruity drink as I need to drown my sorrows. The rainy weather is finally getting to me!

  19. Great blooms, Peter! I hope you get some pawpaw fruit this year!

  20. The Buddleia globosa looks very intriguing, and I love the blue Ceanothus. Your yellow Meconopsis looks a lot like my native Stylophorum.

  21. Double dip posts are a good idea in this busy season...well done!


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