Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Tacoma Home and Garden Show - The Plant Vendors (Both of Them)

It's sad that there aren't as many plant vendors at big shows as there once were.  However, it's the market that drives such things so, while it's nice to find plant treasures at such events, it's more of a surprise than an expectation.  Speaking of nice surprises, the two plant vendors represented did a bang-up job of display and offered some great plants.  I was especially proud of our own Willow Tree Gardens and Interiors' space and plant offerings.

The sign that always draws gardeners like moths to a flame. 

The Tacoma Show is always in January, a difficult time to sell plants as winter is still in full swing. BTW, The Garage is a cocktail lounge, a nice new addition for those more interested in plant-based beverages than plants. 

Don't these tables make you long for those long summer evenings spent outside?

A second sighting of Lavendula 'Meerlo.' It almost came home with me but as it was the last one they had, it stayed behind for someone who really needed it to find.

Cute motorcycle and side car.   Did you notice the plant on the far right of the picture?

That's Carpenteria californica 'Elizabeth,' an evergreen with  sweet white flowers in the summer and interesting flaking bark.  Mine thrives in the hell strip with little water in the summer.  Worth the search or you could just stop by Willow Tree. 

There were a few nice indoor plant offerings as well. 

Reminders that spring is just around the corner.  For some reason I didn't photograph all four of these seasonal displays.  It was really interesting to see the autumn and winter displays alongside spring and summer.  A nice reminder of the year's cycle.

More delicious evergreen foliage. 

Let's face it, you're a good looking guy but perhaps you could run a comb through your hair. 

Mak Lilies & Perennials, the other plant vendor at the show has been there before and again laid out a nice display, including live blooms.

Because it's January,  there offerings were all sold  as dormant stock.(Technically lily bulbs never go truly dormant as some others do.) Anyway, there were lots of perennials including these sea creature looking eremurus and lots of beautiful - looking hemerocallis.  If allowed to linger here, several things would have come home with me but it's so early in the season, Willow Tree is local so things can be purchased there when my car is only a few steps from the cash register, I might not get things planted because the ground is still to saturated to dig, and blah, blah, blah  (Way to support the plant vendors at the show, dumb-ass.)  Note to self:  If you want to see more plant vendors at this show, you'd better support them!  (Is that a great excuse for buying more plants or what? )

Many thanks to both plant vendors for all the hard work to make the plant sale part of the show a delightful experience!

Stay tuned for more from the Tacoma Show!


  1. The Tacoma show is where I stopped by to say hello to you and Alison some years ago. After realizing it was 'thin' on plants I could have gone into the cocktail lounge for a stiff drink, had it been there back then. Love the motorcycle and side car!

  2. I have not gone to our local event the last couple of years because of the rise of tchotchkes and the reduction in true garden-related booths. Of course, it is more difficult when the show is held in Feb. here and you can't plant anything for a good months. Love those rusty orange chairs and the lavender. What fabulous foliage. I grew Eremerus last year and was so shocked when I got them and saw what you actually plant!

  3. "both of them"...sad. But how kind of you to leave the Lavendula 'Meerlo' for someone who really needed it.

  4. The January show date probably holds down plant sales but you're right, laying down some cash might motivate them to keep returning...and maybe mentioning the show when shopping later in the year too.

  5. What a fun head pot! It won't be long now until the NWFGS!

  6. I'm so excited for the NWFGS. I'm not planning to buy plants there (saving my money for deals closer to home), but I still want to look. It's good inspiration. Ricki's idea is great. Mention the show when shopping at those places later in the year. That way they know we appreciate their displays and that it is worth the effort.

  7. Our "local" (OC) show is generally in late April/early May and, this being SoCal, there's zero excuse for not having plants, yet plant vendors have also become rare there. I'm glad you at least had some interesting eye candy.

  8. When the shows -- they all seem to have the same issue -- get down to zero plant vendors, will they continue to use "garden" in the name? I bet they do because "garden" means "patio" to many I think.

  9. I am reluctant to buy plants in winter, even at the NWFGS, because I don't want to go out and plant in the winter. But I sure enjoy looking.


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