Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Morning in Seattle Part 5: Urban Earth

Since we were in Fremont anyway, we had to drop in on an old friend who lives at the end of Troll Street.

He's very popular.  Even on this rainy day there were lots of people politely waiting to have their turn to pose with him.  He is the Fremont Troll who lives beneath the Aurora Bridge.  For more about him, look here

On our way to see him, someone in the car noticed a nursery-looking place and thought that we should stop and check it out. He who was driving was, thankfully, amenable. 

Urban Earth is not a huge nursery but they pack a lot into their space.  From the front entrance, I knew I'd love the place!

It's a plant party!  the table of scented geraniums was tempting, especially because all plants were on sale but I had to remind myself that my greenhouse is FULL!  Of course one on the kitchen shelf would smell divine all winter...

Small part of the shade plant section.

Notice the plastic covering the tables on the far left to protect them from the heavy rain.  I recognized the foliage of Alstroemeria  psittacina 'Variegata' grown by Xera beneath the plastic and thought that one should come home with me.

I'm still thrilled with my Begonia 'Autumn Embers' (because it hasn't died) that I got earlier this season. He needed a friend and there was a sale and all.

The deliciously glossy leaves of Podophyllum pleianthum.

Look at the orange foliage of this Acer palmatum that rivals the orange paint on the window. Yowsa! 

Light pink warty pumpkin was new to me.

Did I mention that there was quite a downpour?  The pumpkin-containing birdbath was dry before the storm. 

I thought that the nursery looked quite full, especially for this time of year but the kind and knowledgeable owner told me that in the spring and summer, it's sometimes to find the paths for all of the plants.  Must go back and check it out!

Inside, there was a well-selected collection  healthy-looking houseplants.

And those giant fruits that we've been seeing around lately.

Totally in love with these and played with them for quite a while before deciding to leave them there. Now I must go back! 
On the dry side.
 What a delightful place and a great way to end our morning in Seattle.  If you ever find yourself in Freemont, do stop by.  Let's see, the Glass Eye Spring sale doesn't happen until April.  Don't know if I can wait that long to see Urban Earth again!


  1. Love the photo with the lanterns hanging from the pergola, and that warty pumpkin is fantastic! This reminds me to go look for more end-of-season sales...

  2. Urban Earth is cute! And new to me. I'll have to go and check it out.

  3. I'll have to check this Urban Earth place out next time I go into Seattle to meet Nigel. Love the troll, we went there with our son on his first visit after we moved here.

  4. We stopped there once when it was under a different name and ownership. What a great little find!

  5. Nice place, stylish and with healthy plants. Glad it is so far away.

  6. Even small places can present great ideas..and I need to find Begonia 'Autumn Embers' does it look like that all year ?

  7. Urban Earth is my kind of place. I find that pink, warty pumpkin surprisingly compelling too.

  8. Oh the troll, haven't visited him forever....and thanks for the new nursery to check out the next time I'm up that way!

  9. I really like the "lux" of layers here - well, there. Hijacking YOUR word - Yowsa!

  10. Our house feels so dull after eyeballing that paint job.


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