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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Portland Area Garden Bloggers Plant Swap

Jenni at Rainy Day Gardener did a great post about the Portland area garden bloggers' meet up and plant swap.  Like me, she was nervous about meeting so many great garden bloggers.  Bonnie Lassie Alison and I were invited to be honorary Portlanders for a day and participate in the event.  Turns out that all of these people were wonderful, kind, intelligent, and generous folks.  What a treat the day was.  Jenni's post contains a complete list of attendees with links to each one's blog.  I've really nothing to add except to express my gratitude for the opportunity to take part.  Thanks PDXers!   Both Alison and I, like Jenni, had a blast!  Our host, Linda's garden was beautiful!

Approaching from the street, it's obvious that we're in for a treat!

 Inside bed. In addition to being gorgeous, this garden is also clean and tidy.  I didn't see a single weed. 

The opposite side of the front garden.

Ricki admiring this path of Leptinella 'Brass Buttons.'  Linda was so generous that when someone admired a plant in her garden, she pulled out a spade and started digging a bit to share!

 The brass button path leads to this calm seating area behind the house.

 Our host talking about her success with her Acacia pravissima, the monster being admired.  She planted it only a year ago thinking that it would probably die during the winter.  It's now heavy with bloom and a huge focal point in her back garden.

Scott, Rhone Street Gardens  and Heather, Just a Girl With a Hammer showing off the impressive size of this cordyline.

Euphorbia  wulfenii and one of the lamiums make a sweet combination!

Loree, Danger Garden, and Alison, Bonnie Lassie talking with the kids who kept us entertained.

 I fell in love with this little girl!  She wanted to be picked up and when I obliged, she repaid with me with many kisses.  As soon as possible, she found some grass to eat. This helps dogs to vomit.    I  have this effect on people.

A beautiful garden,

gorgeous weather,

wonderful people,

Who could ask for anything more?  Thanks again to all the wonderful Portland bloggers and especially to our host, Lynda, a Washingtonian, for such a fun get together!

Here are links to the blogs of those in attendance stolen directly from Rainy Day Gardener:


Oh gosh, forgot to mention all of the free plants!  I'd never been to a plant swap before and it was amazing to bring some extra things I had started from cuttings,   (I have a hard time throwing cuttings away when I prune plants.) and swap them for treasures from other people's gardens. 

Tomorrow we'll continue with the Highway 30 nursery visits.


  1. I'm so glad you both made it down for the day, you'll come again in the fall right?

  2. OMG ! Outlaw you lucky lucky gardener !! I would so love to be with a group of fellow garden nuts like this and to be able to bring a few babies home? TOO PERFECT ! .. what a gorgeous garden .. and such a different zone than ours .. so interesting : )
    Thank you for stopping by with such kind words .. I do get excited about seeing my babies pop up and filling out .. I think about what I want to do next all the time .. good grief it fills almost all my waking/sleeping hours this time of year .. by mid July I will start to have my toes curl up from heat & humidity and watering .. aka hiding in the house too! haha
    I so laughed at your comment about the sweet little dog and having to eat grass to do his/her thing .. you are too funny! haha
    PS .. if you could see the dirty looks I get from Emma when she doesn't get what she wants .. that saying if looks could kill ? haha

    1. We're very lucky to garden in this area & time with fellow plant addicts is a joy! I gardened in zone 3 for years and the climate here in soggy zone 8 is amazing for growing all kinds of plants.

      Isn't it fun to be outside working again?!

  3. Looks like you all had a fab time Peter! And nice to see some of the faces behind the names too.

    1. We had a grand time and it was fun for me to meet some of my favorite bloggers in person. When you come to the Garden Bloggers' Fling in Portland next summer, you'll have the same great experience!

  4. Hey...It's us again, I new I should have died my hair! Rosie vomited on Philip last night, so it's not just you...
    Lovely day we had ,so nice to have you all here! You see no weeds, my mother sees nothing but Dandelions....

    1. To be fair, she hadn't vomited yet just started eating grass. Such a sweet girl! How generous of you to host! Thanks again for a great day!

  5. Hi Peter. I'm going to call you this now, unless you tell me not to.

    You literally made me laugh out loud with that comment about the dog and the grass and the ensuing activity. Funny! Linda's garden looks wonderful. How fun for all of you.

    1. You can call me just about anything.

      Glad that you giggled! That dog was so very sweet. If I thought that her mom wouldn't miss her, I'd have packed her in the car too! She just ate grass but it was very funny that she went straight from washing my whole face to trying to get that awful taste out of her mouth.

  6. Fun time and funny post to go along with it. Our local swaps are so much fun we anticipate them well in advance.

    Her garden is beautiful and I love the wheelbarrow.

    1. It was the high point of a day full of wonderful experiences! I'm looking forward to the fall event!

      Loree pointed out the wheelbarrow, it's pretty cool.

  7. It was so fun meeting you and Alison, finally!

    1. Likewise! You must come up this way again so that you can hit Dragonfly and Far Reaches. Heronswood is doing a plant sale on May 18th...

  8. Hi Outlawgardener! I'm thinking of using Mini Brass Buttons as a lawn alternative. From your experience do you think this is a good idea? The flat dirt space I'm trying to cover is 20'x30'.

    1. I don't have any personal experience but it looks really great in this garden and I think it's a beautiful plant that could fill in your space nicely.


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